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Walton for Senate

Thanks for joining the Walton for Senate Team

As things unfold during the campaign, we will send you invitations to campaign events and keep you well informed about events & new on Juanita's campaign and opportunities to volunteer to work in Juanita's campaign. You can make the difference between winning and losing. 

If you are Ready to Work for Juanita, if you are Ready to Win With Walton, then you can make a difference right now; just click on either one of the buttons below to make your contribution

Please make a donation now; Any amount is great; even $5.00 will help!

Juanita Walton's State Senate campaign is mainly funded by grassroots supporters like you. Unlike her opponent, Representative Walton does not depend on money from special interest groups and lobbyists.  As a result:

If you donate today, your donation will be matched to the maximum contribution possible

If you were thinking about contributing to Representative Walton's campaign, this moment is literally the best time. As we near the critical August 5th democratic primary, momentum is on our side. But to maintain that momentum, thousands of grassroots supporters have agreed to match the donations of new supporters like you.

So, if you can donate $5, or $650, or any amount in between, your gift will be doubled by another generous supporter, who will even send you a thank you note for your shared commitment to our grassroots movement for change.

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